Best Photo Featured Photographers

Adam Morrison

I use the lens to better understand myself and my surroundings.

Amber Crabbe

I use photography, video, and sculpture to investigate cognitive processes and impose narratives onto everyday objects.  I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and have participated in numerous curated and juried exhibitions at venues throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Anastasia Sofos

Bay Area native photographer with a love for urban decay and unique landmark work capturing the otherwise overlooked nooks and crannies of our Bay Area, the landscape of our California ghost towns and international oddities. Showing work throughout the Bay Area, Anastasia is also a published photographer with Dodho Magazine, Barcelona Spain.


I think photography is one of the most magical mechanisms on earth. Taking photos helps me reflect on life and the world around me. I often focus on the surreal nature of reality.

Calder Anderson

As a photographer, I have always been attracted to finding the beauty in the ordinary. I always try my best to make something weird and ugly to a beautiful photograph. Nonetheless, Photography has given me the lens to see our planet earth in a different point of view because everything I see is art to me. As a photographer, I am interested in interacting with the subjects I photograph and understand who they are as a person. My job as a photographer is not only to make pictures, but to give people a different perspective about the world and their surroundings through my work.

Carlos Rene Castro

I am a photographer who I is more drawn to capturing people in their environment at the time of spontaneity.  I love capturing sports photography including tennis and surfing.

Cornelia Ann Grimes


My photography merges fine art portraiture and documentary photojournalism with activism. In my work I aim to shed light on the perseverance of the human spirit in overcoming life’s challenges.

Dan Fenstermacher

Photography reconnects me to my beginnings and who I once was. My Midwestern family and friends included blacksmiths, railroad men, barkeeps, farmers, industrial line workers, and clerks. Few had educations beyond high school. These folks worked hard and stayed close to their birthplace.

I was one of the few that left. However, fifty years of the Marine Corps, university, and corporate life gave me the feeling that I did not belong, loosed from the moorings of my past and uncomfortable in a new life. I traded the familiarity of a small town for the anonymity of the city. Either can kill the soul. Both can provide comfort.

Unfortunately one cannot go back.

Modern urban environments reconnect me to the folks with whom I lived, loved, and laughed. The settings differ, but the players are much the same. Everyday people leading everyday lives crowd these streets. If I cannot return to what once was, I can at least use my camera to get closer, to somehow make a connection, however fleeting.

With my corporate life complete, I am free to walk and make photographs, while exploring today’s hectic cities, among those who feel familiar to me.

David Clarkson

David Luigi Gregory was born and raised in Northern Italy and moved to San Francisco in 1983. His preferance in photography has always been landscape/cityscapes and random everyday life street photography.

David Luigi Gregory

David’s work focuses on documentary photography and contemporary issues emphasizing culture, civil liberties, environmental and climate change.
David is a California native and his passion for photography stems from the notion that a great photograph has an innate ability to connect people with stories that are often overlooked by mainstream media. He is currently helping local organizations such as Rebuilding Together, Yerba Buena Gardens and Pro Bono Photography, with documenting their tireless efforts in bringing communities together.

David Tau

De Kwok is a San Francisco based photographer. His work has been shown in galleries in London, New York, Poland, San Francisco, Berlin and various places. His photobook, Lust to Love, was recently showcased on Self Publish, Be Happy and Independent Photobook websites.

De Kwok

I am a photographer living in San Francisco, Ca. I have been shooting black and white film and printing in the darkroom since 2008.

Currently, I have been focusing on my use of depth in photographs. I want the images that I create to be dynamic.

Deana Collins

Self taught photographer exhibiting since 1990. My art first received notice during the era of early experimentations with digital imaging. I am currently exploring a hybrid mix of toy camera, alternative process and digital methods. I view myself as an alchemist, using photographic tools to delve into fundamental human issues.

Diane Fenster

Drago Renteria is a Deaf Chicano photojournalist and portrait photographer. He is a long-time resident of the Mission District and has been documenting the hyper-gentrification happening in his neighborhood.

Drago Renteria

I am merely following one of my passions, as I don't have any formal education, in photography, just intuition. Having the opportunity to travel abroad most every year, I have developed the habit of getting deeply lost wherever I go. That state of insecurity and fear makes me more aware of my surroundings. It is here where I find many of my greater photographic successes.

Edward Grylich

Eisuke Muroga is a San Francisco based photographer, working in both digital and film media. Taking on various genres of photography, including street, landscape, cityscape, portrait, and tableaux.

Eisuke Muroga

Photography is a new found passion of mine that has helped me see the world from a new perspective. Since taking photographs, I find myself paying more attention to the details in the present moment, more frequently having discussions with complete strangers about their life stories, and exploring new areas. Most of my photos are taken out on the streets or real people in real life situations.

Eric Davidove

Northern California Black and White Landscape Photographer.

With my work, I have tried not only to pay respect to the natural order and beauty of the earth but also to show others this beauty through my vision and art

Gary Wagner

I have been photographing objects, people and places since the late 60s. I am self taught and the main influences to my work has come more from painters than other photographers.

James (JD) Wade

Jana Sophia Nolle was born in 1986 in Kassel. She lives and works in Berlin and San Francisco.

In 2011 Jana received her MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development Studies from SOAS University London. In addition to being a visual artist she works as an international election observer, most recently she lived and worked in Nepal, Myanmar, Belarus and Albania. Working in such diverse and vibrant environments has helped to inform her artistic sensibilities. Her work has been published in magazines and been shown in several exhibitions, most recently in Berlin, Brussels and in Hamburg.

Currently she studies documentary and fine art photography at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin, attending the graduation class of Professor Linn Schröder, 2015-2018.

Jana Sophia Nolle

My on and off love affair with photography first became serious a few years ago when I set about documenting the city of San Francisco for the benefit of my two children. I wanted them to have a visual record of the city that they have grown up in, a city which would no doubt change in so many ways by the time they were old enough to get nostalgic. I started with our neighborhood, documenting the stores, restaurants and other favorite places of the city that is our home.

Jaya Bhat

I was raised in Wisconsin but grew up in Washington DC and have spent the last two decades in South Florida. The diversity of the different areas that I have lived in have formed many of the ideas of my art that I present to the world whether it is the different culture of men to the different setting of city life. I like to that the everyday or every man and make them front and center of my work.

Jeff Larson

Based in San Francisco branching out into studio photography.

John Mazzei

San Francisco street photography since 2014.

Ken Walton

My name is Leah Lopez, I am 21 and s full time college student from Capay valley. I am an aspiring photographer who enjoys the simple things of getting outdoors and shooting all that nature has to offer. I feel there is nothing better than exploring the world and finding the beauty in nature and being able to capture it in a photograph. My hope is that with a click of the shutter my skill as an artist continues to grow and every image is better than the last.

Leah T Lopez

I was given my first camera, a Kodak Brownie (box with toggle shutter) when I was six and never looked back. I finally have time in my life to really enjoy my photography and sharing my light capturing with others.

Manny Myers

Marcell Turner is a photographer and filmmaker based in the Bay Area who has had a camera in his hand one way or the other since he was a child. His love for Cinema can be seen through his images and they capture what some would consider mundane everyday moments. For the viewer, they remind us of memories: memories of our own unique stories while capturing the soul of what is depicted and giving breath to moments passed.

Marcell Turner

I'm a Bay Area-based photographer focused on Fine Art Photography. I have studied at the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and at the Central Saint Martins School of London. I started out as a painter and then I discovered my passion and talent for photography 10 years ago.  The focus of my work is to convey an idea, a message or an emotion through photographs.  My work has been showcased in many exhibitions throughout the US, Italy, Germany and China and my images are in private collections in Europe, Asia and America.

Marco Berliocchi

Marsha Guggenheim loves taking candid pictures. These spontaneous, unposed captures are both challenging and rewarding. Entering into a stranger’s space allows for an unexpected interaction, which is frequently positive. These experiences reinforce her passion for street photography. Marsha’s work is included in private collections and has been shown in galleries across the United States.

Marsha Guggenheim

I'm a Bay Area photographer with a focus is on street photography, documentary photography and photojournalism.

Neil Geller

My passion for photography was fueled when friends of mine decided to gift their 35mm SLR to me. I can still remember my excitement when I held it in my hands. I know this is what I’m supposed to do because that happiness rings through everytime I grasp that metal body, turn and hear the lock as I attach the lens, peer in to the viewfinder and unto the final click of my shutter.

Pamela Marcelino

I am a media creative who is interested in photography and filmmaking. Born and raised in Nepal, I came to San Francisco less than a year ago. I am into nature, street and portrait photography.

Prakriti Rai

Photographer interested in documentary and portrait photography.

Richard Man

As an artist you make decisions. Decisions that come from an emotional connection. It is through photographing, editing, and revision that I express my emotions and connections to the spaces that I visually inhabit. Through my work, I try to guide a viewer into a state of mind that allows them to wonder and wander.

Roberto Serrato

Sean Black is a journalist, artist, advocate and educator whose photographs and writings document and explore life and the human experience. His interest within the nexus of social activism and visual art drives his work with the intention of presenting thought provoking content.

He holds an MA in Photography from California State University San Bernardino (2009) and an MFA from the University of Miami (2014). He is a Senior Editor with A&U – America’s AIDS Magazine where he has worked since 2009. He is an adjunct instructor at Chaffey College and California State University San Bernardino where he teaches both traditional darkroom and the History of Photography. He has assisted renowned photographers to include Maggie Steber, Jim Goldberg, Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Davidson, Greg Gorman, Richard Renaldi and Steve McCurry.

Sean G. Black

Sesh is a Entrepreneur based in the San Francisco area.  Photography for him is a life long journey in progress.  As part of his work he gets to travel around the world which in turn creates great opportunities for him to see, observe and record feelings through his camera. His photographic skills are self learnt.  Taking pictures has helped him understand people, cultures and be a true mindful observer of life.  Sesh is a big believer in Altruism and working on several photographic projects that showcase the issues the world needs to look at more closely.

Seshu Kumar Sareday

I can sum up my photography in one line, "always chasing the light." I just want to shoot and create compelling images that tell a story.

Stan Pechner

I am a photographer who loves the classic processes that photography was built upon. I have recently gone to an all film and alternative processes workflow and enjoy sharing things I've discovered along the way. Classic gear is a bit of an obsession and I like to see what nuances each camera holds.

Steve Abbott

Sylvia Paret is an SF-based fine art photographer with degrees in photography, science, French, and linguistics. The overarching theme in her photography is connection and the lack thereof, her methodology irreverent playfulness.

Sylvia Paret

Storyteller. Color hunter. I am a passionate portrait and landscape photographer who is deeply connected to nature and the story she tells.

Tenay Thirty-Two

When I have my camera in my hands, I find that I connect to the world around me on a deeper level. The camera helps me truly see and the act of taking pictures brings me joy. I love people watching so street photography is a natural fit for me. I am enlivened when I capture something humorous or sad or magical.

Teri Vershel

Photography for me is a passion, an art form and most importantly a tool as it can be used to spread the message of social justice movements, beauty and the reality of the world around us. My commercial focus has been travel, urban and night photography however my real love is photojournalism recording social justice movements and creative arts events. The ability to capture the passion of the movement and to share the images with a broad audience spreading the messaging is extremely valuable.

Terry Scussel

In 2005 I started carrying a digital point-and-shoot to remind me to look at things. I've been shooting regularly ever since, and thanks in large part to a helpful and generous community of photographers (especially the SFSP folks and the Friday Night Drinking & Shooting crowd) I've learned a lot along the way. I'm not wedded to any one style but I'm always looking for something nobody seems to have noticed.

Thomas Hilton

I'm a portrait and alternative wedding photographer who's spent over ten years documenting my communities in San Francisco and Oakland. Currently I'm working on an ongoing personal project called 'Here, Beyond the Binary', consisting of environmental portraits and personal statements from transgender, non-binary, and gender fluid people from all walks of life.

Tristan Crane

Though I do shoot digitally, I still shoot with film from time-to-time. I am also very influenced by music, which is where a lot of my concepts come from.

Vanessa Solis

Curator's Corner

A woman with a camera, attempting to capture people, places and things in a way that speak to me, and in turn hope they speak to others.

Founder of Through the Lens Events.

Kristi Lewis

As a photographer, I fully enjoy having the time to observe and study my location, prior to picking up my camera, be this in an urban or rural location. Light, movement, direction, and the energy of the subject captures my passion with my subjects.

David Christensen

Street, event, music photographer.

Mike Kirschner

Born a child of the arts in the rural midwest. I cut my teeth on charcoal and ink, dabbled with oils, doodled away on a tablet and finally picked up the camera. From people to places, I try to capture scenes that will enable a story.

RE Casper

My interest in photography began on the streets of Paris, France in 1991. Armed with disposable cameras, I explored the City of Light to document my lifelong dream of visiting the city. Two years later, I returned to Paris – this time with a real camera – and was forever hooked on photography. Although gainfully employed in the Chicago financial services industry, I continued to follow my passion for photography, creating and selling travel-oriented images from the U.S. and Europe. Now I concentrate on landscape, cityscape, architectural and street photography. I’ve been published in magazines, newspapers, books and state travel guides.

James Watkins